Projects feat. j.n.deloach

Anyone who knows me knows that I love keeping busy.

Read about some of the creative projects I have in the works below.


MelaNation, an art zine about Black liberation

I'm an activist with BYP100 DC (Black Youth Project 100 DC), a collective of young Black organizers who fight for justice through a Black queer feminist lens by engaging in direct actions, campaigns, political education, cultural production, and uplifting radical Black joy.

I’m a founding member, lead editor, and designer at MelaNation, BYP100 DC’s Black liberation art zine and blog that aims to engage Black people with political education to resist oppression and to uplift the voices of Black artists and writers in the DC area. I create written and illustrated content, manage the website and blog, prepare submissions and distribution strategies, connect with local art collectives and creatives, and co-create with an incredible team of fellow Black liberation activists.

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The Gildapapoose Collective

A few days after the presidential election in 2016, activist JeNae Taylor reached out to a few of her friends involved in performance art to see if people were interested in doing a private reading of Fences as a means of uniting and finding strength after the election of 45. We quickly learned that we loved creating art together, so we became a performance art collective called 'Gildapapoose' after the names of JeNae’s grandmother (Gilda) and mother (Papoose).

The Gildapapoose Collective has grown to be a ever-evolving group of organizers, activists, friends, and formerly incarcerated people who create and organize together for Black liberation and prison abolition. The collective is a major organization in the DMV Bail Out, an initiative to bail mothers and caregivers out of jail for Mother's Day in the DC metro area. The Gildapapoose Collective performed staged readings of Fences in 2017, and actors within the collective are now doing staged readings of There Is a Field, a play written by Jen Marlowe about police brutality in Palestine. The latest showing was at the Kennedy Center on 9/3/2018.

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DECRIMNOW, a campaign to support sex workers

As an organizer with BYP100 DC, I volunteer with communications and design work for the DECRIMNOW campaign. DECRIMNOW consists of a collective of Black and brown sex workers, advocates, and allies who are working to decriminalize sex work in DC, and to increase access to housing, services, education, and other resources for people in the sex trade.

Organizations involved in DECRIMNOW include Collective Action for Safe Spaces, HIPS, BYP100 DC, UndocuBlack, Workers' World Party, and more. Learn more about how to support people in the sex trade at our website!

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