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Hi y'all,

I’m a Maryland born-and-raised storyteller, artist, and activist who works through a Black queer feminist lens. I engage my love for storytelling and resistance work as a lead editor and designer of MelaNation, an art zine and blog by BYP100 DC (Black Youth Project 100 DC) about Black liberation in the DC metro area. My illustrations and designs explore the beauty and humanity of Black women and femmes, primarily through stylized portraits that incorporate pen, pencil, and collage.

My artistic style and interests were partly shaped by the comic strips and cartoons that I grew up loving as a kid, like the Boondocks and the Proud Family. I fell in love with graphic novels when I was in high school after my English teacher lent me a copy of Watchmen; the methods of storytelling, design, and drawing in comic books have since heavily influenced my work.

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The personal styles of Black women that I grew up with in Maryland are also an inspiration for my artistic style. As an example: after a lifetime of watching cool kids rock doorknocker earrings so well, and wanting to be a cool kid myself, I got my first pair of triangle doorknockers when I got to high school. My logic was flawed so they didn’t make me cool, but I’ve been wearing the same style ever since. You’ll see them featured in a lot of my work, like in the MelaNation Goddess and the Girl with the Doorknockers.

Through my art, I blend style symbols like doorknocker earrings, geometric shapes, floral designs, and portrait studies to uplift the beauty, humanity, and power of Black women and femmes. My art is both political and personal, as it allows me to ruminate on my experiences as a Black queer woman in a white supremacist society. I believe that art and storytelling can be healing and empowering processes, and I hope to give love to and support healing for other folks through my art, activism, and life.



If you are moved by what you see, feel free to learn more about some of my creative projects (ya girl’s gotta hustle), buy a print or sweatshirts with my artwork (ya girl’s gotta eat), and contact me to let me know what’s up (ya girl wants to hear from you!). Be sure to follow me on Instagram at @j.n.deloach to see the latest photos of my work.

Thank you so much for visiting my website, and I hope you have a beautiful day.


Jordan N. DeLoach

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